What is Life-work?

Life-work is the core of each of our existences. It is also a process for understanding your potential.

How you define your life's work is highly personal, but here is a glimpse of what it looks like:

Doing your life's work is owning, using and enjoying all your skills and abilities.

When you are doing your life's work you feel fulfilled in your professional and personal relationships. You balance paid or unpaid work with relationships with others and time for yourself. Your days include something to replenish your body and your spirit.

When you are doing your life's work you are eager to face each new day. Everything you do is consistent with your values and beliefs. You feel good about your activities.

When you are doing your life's work, you feel great about who you are!

What Is Personal Coaching?

Personal coaching as a process that helps you identify and achieve goals in any area of your personal or professional life.

For centuries, athletes have used coaches to help them reach full potential. Executive coaches have worked with companies to improve the skills of managers. Today, you can hire a personal trainer to help build a better body and a personal chef to create healthy meals. You can hire a professional organizer to help you de-clutter your home or workspace. A personal coach takes a holistic, systems approach to focus your learning to organize all aspects of your life. A coach will listen to you, support you, encourage you, and spur you to greater action than you thought possible.

What is the Life-work Coaching Process?

Each of us has an invisible backpack. It contains all our experiences, relationships, skills, values and beliefs - the sum total of our lives. I work with you to create a framework for understanding your life, clarifying your goals, and taking action. I call this organizing what's in your backpack.

I do most of my coaching by telephone, but face-to-face or email sessions can be arranged. After an initial free session to be sure that coaching is for you and that you and I can work well together, we will arrange for three 30-minute sessions a month over a three-month period. Our conversations will be scheduled in advance, and that time is yours alone.

I believe that to change your life you must know your life, so you will be asked to examine what's in your backpack. You will have work to do between sessions and may email or fax me information for feedback during our conversations.

At the end of each cycle, you will decide whether or not to continue. Many people work with their coach continually or periodically for years. Others have a short-term need. The choice is always yours. Between sessions, you can email me or give me a quick call.

Life-work coaching is not a substitute for therapy or legal, medical or financial advice. If you require these services you must contact a qualified professional in that field.


To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe.

- Anatole France